Boys are smarter than girl


Wonder why i come up with this topic?This is because it was my essay topicXD..blah blah

Boys are smarter than girl
If i agree to this,i will sure beaten up by my girlfriends. I am a girl,and we always think that we are better! But the boys will said, I'm smarter than you,and this is the fact that recognized from the past. This topic has been debated for a long time but no one can give an accurate answer. This is not because girls are smarter than boy but both gender have their good at every aspect and I'm going to discuss this today

Boys are good at leadership. They are born to be.2 years ago,where Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton compete for the post of  the President of the United States He won and be the 44th man-President in United States. In Malaysia,we have five man- prime minister rule over the country for the past 43 years.This is not woman does not want to be a president,but they are believed to be more weaker in the leadership.This is because woman are often controlled by emotion where men can convince others by their physical appearance, body strength etc. 

Although boys are the one who win physically,girls win mentally.Girls have strong memory!!!!Hey everyone there ,do you realise it,girls  are more excel in Biology.Thanks to the good mesmerize power gifted by god,we then  can beat the boy at this point.G
irls generally are more successful in arts .They always score high grades in literature courses. The reason behind that is the girls’ emotions are intense and very well nurtured. Because girls have a wonderful ability of sharing experience, they are successful in literature courses. A novel, for example, is an experience that the novelist had. Since boys lack the ability of sharing an experience, most of them find it difficult to cope with those courses.
Boys are more intelligent than girls  in the outside world. Boys are better at playing out-dooring games. Since boys are almost all the time out of the house playing with the neighboring kids, they know how to play soccer. They know how to deal with other kids if ever they have a fight. They also know directions. For instance, they know where a certain shop is located from the first time they have been there. Girls visit the same shop many times, but they do not know its whereabouts.

Girls are smarter in the domestic arena. They are excellent cooks. They know how to dress properly. They also know how to take care of an infant. In general, they can handle all the homely affairs.

Do boys really smarter than girls?Yes, they are, but only in some aspects. God creates all his creatures with their own unique. Both gender have their pros and cons. That is why boys and girls compliment each and therefore given rise to a spark of love....

*i dont really like to write an essay, for me it is TOO pls dont complain when u found that i wrote badly...thx*


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