Pastel paint on white shirt (DIY for BFF)


One of my BFF turned 21 this 6/6. She is the oldest among us lar and also very special to me.=).We knew each other since we were born.This is alittle bit bragging , but it was true. I'm babysitted  next to her house until age-6.We enter the same kindergarten, sitting the same bus, same primary and secondary school after that...The sweetest memory that I had with you was that time where among more than 400 students in the school, you and I are the only two that took perdagangan together in SPM!!!Hahaaha=D We do share common interest for business too...Btw , at the end I din't take business course~~
Okay, should end now, if not I will blahing non-stop....
Hellooo, Angie Wong, I hope you see this, this post is dedicated to u!!!

Rotted at home because of nothing to do and so gam gam her birthday is at this moment. You know, 21 birthday is very dai sai one, haha, so, I dunno where the idea suddenly pop into my mind that I want to create a t-shirt for her (and my paint on it). '很有诚意的‘

Then, i try on this paint- Pastel fabric paint, which I never tried before~~~*just hoping the final result will be as nice as watercolour fabric paint =D*

The box comes with 7 basic crayon colour and it does look like crayon if I dint tell it was a fabric paint at first. Okay, to create your own DIY t-shirt is really easy. Just combine crayons and white t-shirt, these 2 perfect ingredients. Woolaaaa 
But, I'm a 70% perfectionist person. Wouldn't simply conteng conteng like that, so I draft out Angie's profile picture first. Want to achieve a comic effect, but turns out duno look like what. I'm so so so sorry to u, Angie, seriously. MuahahahahaXDDD

This is the back side. (simply love this so much)

After everything done, iron them to set the dye in permanently.

One advice to those that wish to try out the pastel fabric paint, you better choose a NON-ELASTIC fabric as I'm so regret after i choose this elastic one, because it is so hard to paint on it and the final result not very nice lar.

 Wrapped them in this fake cake, represent your birthday cake haha=))

and there is a really funny story behind this present!!!

It start from I owe her a birthday present because ya, the t-shirt couldn't hatched out yet as I was busy accompanying my mommy in KL and the day I back to Kedah is already her birthday.

Erm, then I only sent her present to her house this Sunday ( Father's day), expect that she will return home that day after her final exam. When I reached her house, there was nobody at home. And since we're so best friends and knew each other from birth. How could I duno the way to sneak into the house right???? Successfully enter the main gate and decide to put the present at the front door with no small notes or else telling that I came before......

Then, this hilarious thing happened when the family members all came back home without her.(she will back home the next day *big mistake*)
I dunno y her little brother anggap my present is the Father's day one and took it to her dad + "Happy Father's day" somemore.....

I nearly faint when I heard it from Angie's mouth. hahahahaXDD But I wonder what is her father's expression after he saw the shirt writing " I muaks Angie" OMGUADDD

*very sorry to Angie's father* I should leave a note earlier.
Sorry for disappointing your dad, Angie. 
Hahahaha, you should be a guai lui and compensate this=P

a non-related post but I wish to share with you guys
There was this little girl ( apparently is me) haha=P wish to make either a breakfast or cook dinner for her family members everytime she was at the hostel far away from home. This is because her mom is a teacher, and every weekdays she need to go out very early for teaching . Now is the little girl sem break.The girl know that she could not meet her mum every morning as she was lazy to wake up at 6am. And then, she starts to make the breakfast earlier than the time to give surprises to mum and little cousin. After everything done, she then go to sleep =)

But , what she doesn't expect is, her mum and little cousin even leave a thank you message to her.
And this warm her heart so much so much...
*this is called love*

would continue do this special service for them for this long holiday...

Have a nice day=)
Thanks for reading.

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