YNOT Graffiti Competition Finale


My passion towards arts are indescribeable. Although the profession that I'm studying now has a big contrast with arts, it still doesn't decrease any single of my love towards them. Arts made my days become colourful and they too help to decrease my stress level.

*sharing moments*
Every time when I'm on my way back to hometown, I will sure pass by Pasar Seni. So, what is so interesting here that can keep my eyes keep staring out of the window?

The current graffiti mural along the Klang River bank walls
It is listed in the Malaysia Guinness Book of Records as the longest mural in the country at 450 meters long.
go google for it if u want know more

 Graffiti by multiple artists adorns the wall running under the Pasar Seni LRT station in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. The 2012 KUL Sign competition, a chance for local graffiti artists to show off their styles, will be kicked off in this area on February 25th. [Photo by Grace Chen]

I just hope that this trend of mural wall painting can keep going on and this will made Malaysia a special place to stay in.

and now what I want to tell is- Genting is holding a Graffiti competition too this year.
 Resort World Genting's YNOT Graffiti Competition

The YNOT Graffiti Competition is RWGenting's way of giving back to the young people community, where the young and the young at heart such as yourselves could express themselves by painting Genting's Outdoor Theme Park with art! 

Now Genting is allowing the competitors to paint  Genting, red, or blue, or any shades of colours that will make rainbows frown for a specified period for the first time ever.
more information here

For all the talented one out there, maybe u r interested in participating in this event.. But sad to say that the event registration has just ended.

thats not all yet, u can still vote for your favorite graffiti here.

If you are living or working around Klang area, you may have noticed that the some of the bus station had transformed!

Yes,in conjunction with the Graffiti Art Competition, Genting have installed 8 masterpieces (prepared by 3 colleges & 2 artists) on 8 bus shelters around Klang Valley.

Do stop by and take a crazzyyy picture with these Graffiti!!!

Alpha Lebuh Bandar Utama

Aswara Jln Ampang

Chekri Jln Raja Chulan

IACT Jalan Barat

IACT Jln University

Nazmi Jalan Sultan Ismail

The RWGenting's YNOT Graffiti Competition Finale will be held on this coming 13,14 April 2013
Calling out for those Graffiti lovers outside there, or visitors to Genting.
Maybe you can stop by to see the event that time. I bet it will be an eye-opening and fun one.

For me ,I just want to see how those Graffiti artists show off their talents by using just aerosol paint spray cans. I might can learn new things after that. *Cool*

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