A little bit about my CNY~


Finally CNY has come to an end!!!

Although I'm not so satisfied with my CNY,because it seems so imperfect with an assessment on the third day of CNY~

BTW,u know me lah,coming back for exam for 1 day then fly back to my hometown again with skipping 3 days of classes and 1 session of PBL(write it out to remind myself)

So overall,my CNY is still OKAY,cannot complain anymore cox Angpau still more ,can still eat reunion dinner with family, can still gather with friends and most important is can enjoy every single happy moments with my family♥

so,is your CNY the same too???

some outfits of CNY
Cheongsam for day 1

A little bit crazy~~~hahaXP
Kong Ming Den with relatives
Crazy together~~
Girls' ? Women Generation?
they become crazy and uncontrol after DRUNK~~muahahaha

This is just a little bit about my CNY
Thanks for reading♥

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