Fish & Co Lunch Promotion is here again! Happy Lunching set meal isjust from RM 11.95!


My first experience with Fish & Co was 2 years ago where I celebrate Evian's birthday with the rest of my 6 housemates. She was a huge fan of fish. Fish & Co dint turned us down that day. We were totally amazed by the special serving method of dishes.

Yes, most of them were served in PAN! A real Pan.

It gave us a totally unique dining experience and the dishes served were mostly healthy and delicious.

A few days ago, I was invited again for a food tasting experience at Fish n Co. I'm excited as Fish & Co is always among my choices when I want to choose my meal for either lunch or dinner.

Like Fish n Co always say “One bite and you're hooked"
I'm totally in-love with their Mediterranean Sea design. Even the chairs were also in the blue and white strips.

They make use of the colour of sea, beaches , boat which reflect the jaunty Mediterranean culture.
Great ambience only score perfectly where there is great food, let see.

Opps, I missed out rhe most important point! Fish & Co is having lunch promotion right now! It's only start from as low as RM 11.95! A very good news to the fish- lovers right?
Let see what is inside their lunch promotion.
This is the add on. The side dishes all comes in seperate pans or plates, and don't worry, they give a generous portion for that.

 Side dishes ( paella rice, Mashed potato,Homemade coleslaw, seasonal vegetables) -each RM3.50

  For those who just love to keep it simple. You can try Arctic Fish & Chips RM 17.95
Or you just want a seafood twist for that spaghetti.  Vongole Aglio Olio RM 18.95 will be the best choice!

      Ahh, sure they din't missed out the healthy Grilled Salmon Cajun Style RM 25.95 in their lunch menu too.
          This is my favourite of all- Grilled Peri-Peri Pollock with Paella Rice RM 17.95. I'm a everything also need ‘lat’ one. This one suit me best.
         Grilled Salmon Cajun Style RM 25.95
        Or you have that one friend who doesn't like fish. Surprise! There's a Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken Rm 20.95 in the menu!
       Seasonal Catch with spicy teriyaki RM22.95
Not enough fries? Just add on for only Rm 3.50!

      You have that one friend that just love to be the unique one.   Coriander Catch RM 23.95 will suit her/him best!
        Or u just feel like today I just want to save a bit money.  Spaghetti Pomodoro RM 11.95 will be the best choice.

Every set will comes along with free drinks. You can choose either sprite/lemon tea!
**All the meal that start from Rm 20 comes with free 2 side dishes! **
Prepare an empty stomach here and enjoy la~

More information from:

Dining location:
Pavilion KL
(with alfresco dining)
Lot No. C4.02.00,
Level 4, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: + 6 03 2141 1350

Special thanks to Open Rice for the invitation.

See you in the next post.
Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day.

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