Oh~~Just a random one=)


Went to Cheras night market this Wednesday with my buddies....We ponteng actually cox I gt a night english class and this is the reason is why every time I can't go there...Haiz...But now due to my buddies,so this is my first time step there...hehe=DSo fun

Bought lots of beauty diary masks

so, try it on tonight while I'm pia chek(means study in hokkein)...exam this morning but I still got lots of lecture notes I din't even touch and read yet(LAZY ME....DON'T LEARN)...hey ,I just finish an exam this monday leh.....(everyday exam cannot finish one,damn sien nia=='''',so u know how hectic the lifestyle here and why I seldom blog now......(Cox I'm jailed with lots of black &white lecture notes here...grrrr)

Back to study....exam this morning

Nah..this is how my study desk look like (I will not seeing that boring lecture notes after this morning....kekekekeke)

Hope that I will just pass in my exam only...not hoping too high cox I know I can't finished reading all of that..haiz ...why everyone can finished it but I just cannot....
I ♥ last-min mah..can't meh?
I ♥ the last-min adrenaline rush mah, can't meh?
Cox everyday read book is not my style, can't meh?
So this is me..can still blogging yet,can't meh?

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