Just 11.11.11♥


11.11.11 maybe a romantic day for some people,a day of one of my BFF mum birthday,It is  also the busiest day for me.
It is my students graduation day that day.Feeling so excited and nervous that I can't even sleep the night before it cox I'm meeting them soon..hahahaXP

Wake up at very early and dress up myself pretty and also to take breakfast outside with mummy...It already months I never had a breakfast together with her......

We went to a mamak stall because I haven't eat those stuff  since I enter my uni...Miss that Roti Canai,Apom and Nasi Lemak...Oww,Kedah has the most authentic taste of these foods..
Me eating all these..Geng right!!!hehe..My breakfast
Arrive there 1 hour earlier to help my mum setting up all those stuff in stage and helping her out...
So,here is it...my 6 years old students,haven't seen them for months,and now they are graduating..sob sob**
They are very cute right  ~~

Orange and Lemon class
Queueing and waiting to go up the stage 

Lemon class-my primary class

with Orange class Tan Bing Yan,Lai Joey and Yeoh Sheng Yi

(Jesse Teoh,Chuah Teik Hong,Lim Tian Cheng,Tan Yi Qing)
Nah..this is the expression they give me when I wanna take their photo...I'm very ho bully horrXP

Mummy with her students

4 and 5yrs old students
Graduation ceremony finally start...

Seeing all of them on stage

All the parents~~

Hehe=) Mummy and me

Dance by 5 yrs old boys-The little painter

5 yrs old girl-PomPom Dance

Now my class boys with Love sign language

5 years girl contemporary dance

my class girls-sakura dance

6 years orange boys-hip hop

Oww---The most obedient girl in my class Teng Jia hui and the newcomers Ivan Lau .He is pretty smart even though he enrol late,so not surprise he can won prize too=)

The second naughty in my class-Chuah Teik Hong,obedient girl-Chua Jien Shin and also Sangyly Ooi.They are best friends and must sit together..Both of them have the same character

My class Kang Xin En and Cindy Ng.Orange class -Githa Angeli and Kenix Chia.Githa Angeli is the only one Indian in the 6 yrs old class.Although learning chinese is difficult for her because her mom and dad also don't know and can't teach her,but she still manage to score an average of 80,90 marks in chinese paper during exam.Awesome rightXD
Me with 5yrs old strawberry class...whee><

The most clever girls in my class-Lim Wei Jia and See Ann Reis

So that's all for the graduation day....

after that I need to attend for 2 more wedding ceremony which one is my teacher son and one is my relatives...
Busy whole day rushing here and there...

Me with mummy attending for wedding ceremony

Okay..that's all for 111111
Thanks for viewing♥

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