Don't judge me by facebook


Hi and Good Morning~~

Today,I'm just gonna vent....(This is not a usual me,beware!)

Okay,the story begin like this,
some person really annoyed me when they spread something based on their guessing.

So, I heard this
"hey,u know what her life is simply easy,I saw that from fb,everyday she go out eat wonderful meals with frens like going there is to eat not study blah blah blah....."

"No wonder she gained weight,I guess her life is happy go lucky,I only saw her playing around,eating and shopping at there from fb......"

Okay,so I tell you all one thing,I'm not the kind of person that will go every place spreading that how hectic and stress my life is...such as

"U know what,every Wednesday I still have class till 8pm and everyday Saturday I need to spend my half day for a bull shit bakti siswa thing that is very useless and waste time"..So u can calculate actually,my weekend is only Sunday...and it is not a true day of rest also because mostly every Monday I got assessment...Shit it!I need to spend my Sunday for that assessment.....grrrrr

"U know what,I still got participate in dancing,and so all my night time is given to it,and everytime I back to my own room is already 12++am d,then I still need to struggle with lecture notes and wake up early in the next morning..So,I only have +- of 4 hrs sleep per day................"

So now u know??????

And some more I like to post my joyful moment at fb,can't meh????And it doesn't mean every time I only eat and play.....Or you wanna see all my fb photos of me camwhore with books then only you sastified????

So, don't judge me by FB ,k???

To prove it~~

This is all the lecture notes that I have completed within these 2 months

7 different sets...

Nah..I take this famous thick Campbell Biology book to compare the thickness of my lectures note.It is twice more than the Campbell.......
Now I'm happy cox I can't believe I have completed so  much.
Oh~~I'm so geng..hahahaXP

Okay,now can u understand??
So,next time can I hear something like
"Hey,how is your life there?Is everything OK to u?"
I swear,I will touched and cry.

Okay,finish of blah~ing 
Thanks for viewing♥

*Paiseh*I'm not actually angry...I just want to tell that my life here is not happy-go-lucky only
Since so many people after reading my this blog post come to ask me that Y I'm so mad
I'm not angry lah......

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