Have attended this event-Dogathon 2 weeks ago on the 2nd of Oct.I been there as a volunteer of this event.Quite happy that I can have this opportunity to participate,because I love animals...'a lot of' that kind and tell u all one thing... I almost can study vet ...if not bcox my parents not allowed me to do that!okay..enough blabbing!hehe

This event was organised by my uni-Upm the students' society of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the theme for this year Dogathon is ' Doggies in Wonderland'.

I'm on the way to the Bukit Ekspo,Upm  in the early morning to help out my vet friend on their booth which is 'doggies paw paw',a kind of dog and their owner paw and hand printing together.It is quite fun!

Sad, I don't even have any photo to show here cox I'm busy helping them all the time and very paiseh if call other ppl to help taking photos of me helping out at the booth...heheXD

A lot of private company also participate....doggies ad start to come...hehe

this is a kind of maze game,where doggies will search for their owner

doggie in police wear are waiting for his turn to play game...cute!

this year theme-Wonderland!

Am I handsome?

Doggies must be examined first before they can participate in the dogathon race with their owner.

this dog is the biggest dog of the day!

Notice the size of it!

Dogathon 2011!

A lot of doggies!

For your information,this is the largest dog gathering in Malaysia and it is stated in the Malaysia Book Of Record!

the starting and the ending point of the dogathon race

They are trying their best.Support!Support!Support!

Let me show u the Chioest dog of the day!!!!!

this dog is very well-trained lo.It's owner dint even tied it up and let it follow them around like that,geng ar!

And the rest are me taking photos with the doggies that come near my booth!haha!cox I cannot walk away to find dogs...hehe

According to its owner,it still has another partner that look alike,but because she is sick,so she can't come,how wasted!

can I make friends?

I like big dogs more than small little one,that is why u can found that almost all the picture i take is only big dog..heheXD
Found any similarities between us?


I paint its paw and print its paw on paper later wash its paw and now camshoting with it! work of that day

Thirsty after the race....I want water!

with my favorite dod-golden retriever!

This is the dog that get the first runner up in the race...congratz!

Wonder someday there would be a Meowathon!

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