Advice during a vacation


Sorry for dint update my post, something bad happen during my vacation that day, it ruins all my mood.But i will post about my vacation as i promised.Hey guys, guess what? im now spending my third day in genting!!!!(have found something changes when i pass through the outdoor theme park yesterday, the Beryl's chocolate wonderland had renovated!!!!!! I will go there to pay my visit today.....)

So what am I going to talk about in this post.......How about i talk about the things that happened during my vacation that day, you all must be curious about it~~~

Yup,the bad thing that ruined my mood is i have lost 2 things, that i considered as the most important CANNOT-LEAVE-HAND-ACCESORRIES. I have lost my beloved 4-year-old watch and my handset.*sob*

Just imagine the watch has followed me since i were Form 3,and now its gone.Then that was not all, I lost my handset the second day.OMG!!!!And it happens during the end of the vacation,i have took lots of photo with my handset....and now I dint even have a chance to view through it.*haiz*So unfair, all the contacts that i have save since i were Form 1 just missing like that, i have lost all the important contacts!!!!*zzzzz*


So im going to give advice.....

During a vacation,

  • check your things before you start a vacation,ensure that you have taken with you all the important things such as identity card,passport,handset,MONEY,credit cards....)
  • During a vacation, always check your belongings!
  • Don't leave your belongings unattended!
  • Just remember when you participate in an extreme game or whatever,leave your important things to the manager or safeguards there,don't ever trust yourself that you will keep it safe on your own,you can't imagine the things that would happen during your game,you might LOST IT!!!!(It just happened on me*Hundred thousand of regrets now*)
  • Put your thing inside a locker if the place has it,it is more safer compare you carry them your own.
I think thats all,i would update this if i can think i need to go and take a bath,my small little cousin was waiting for me to bring her for a breakfast....

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