my happy day


wah, im really happy this 4 days.

It start with a trip to balai seni.Im so happy that i can take SO many photo there.This was the first time i *kunjung* there, cant imagine right,im so happy that my first time *kunjung* there is with my friend.wahaha....

last day mummy brought me to kenny roger roaster to have lunch there...
i've heard that the place already bankrup,dontknow who said d,bluff me, kaolat!
im actually prefer kenny roger than pizza and kfc,know ma? hurt my feeling when i heard that kenny roger bankrup liao!

then today go to restaurant light and easy ,quite surprise,the interior design was nice, feel like home,and got standard,we sit at the corner,got sofa d.
the food?
ok la,some good some bad.
and laksa...
the most terrible
terrible than school canteen laksa..
erhh,next time please don order laksa there even though you are a laksa will be upset with the flavour!

then go to kfc at night!
so terrible, stomach full of many chicken!saturday eat half chicken,today lunch eat 6 piece chicken and then eat KFC again,ahhhhh i dont want eat chicken liao!
actually is my er yi *belanja* me d,she say want to celebrate my birthday,so cannot reject, and just go la,when i saw the chicken i almost want to cry out liao,how to eat leh?

just come back home and write this blah blah thing,dint even touch a book for this 3 days, i almost want die liao la.but nevermine i got god support me,jiayou!i love my god very very much!
and i dint bath yet,

miss anne,
you dint pack your bag yet,
you dint whiten your shoe yet,
you dint iron your school shirt kok,
and now you dint bath kok,err geli nia!
girl, now what time liao,
faster go la!

emm, byebye!

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