Beryls chocolate wonderland in genting


just finish view nicole's blog,she wrote about the Cadbury chocolate factory in Tasmania. Nicole mentioned that there dint have so much interesting thing to see (except for chocolate) but the entrance fees was quite expensive.

the post she wrote let me remember about the Beryls chocolate wonderland in Genting (set in the outdoor theme park,entrance fee were included in the outdoor ticket )that i went there on july this year.I am quite amazed by the decor inside. Colourful and fascinating like we're entering the fairy tales.

here the main door entering the wonderland.

the first view when entering the door

the process of making tasty BERYLS CHOCOLATE!!!
process:mixing,conching,moulding,tempering and finally packaging!

did you know that ?

Chocolate is a processed delicacy made from the beans of the cacao tree.
Cocoa tree begins to bear fruit when they are 4 years old.

WAO!easter eggs in EASTER EGG!!!

see those chocolate spilt on the grass floor,my first expression is 'yerr so gely,chocolate cannot eat liao'
not sure whether the chocolate was real or fake.

see the rabbit!!I am now start thinking of the rabbit in the Alice's wonderland

and cute chocolate mice(i want to eat it)

and small cottage up on the tree,wahh so cute and nice!!

time for photoshoting session with this big giant Beryls clock.Look awesome ha!

introducing you all, my favourite chocolate of Beryls-the Camior.Its is affordable,taste good,and nice packaging and also most important-buatan malaysia..haha!

next-shopping for variety of chocolate!
GAls ,I know you like it!!
did you see the woman waving hand at me,she call me not to take this photo,
cause it is unshotable,so this photo was really exclusive.
only on

Finally, time to say goodbye!!!Thanks to one of the visitor there who help me take this photo cause i go there one person only..(pityful)Next time i sure wanna go there with my friends and NOT ALONE!!!

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